About Us


Our Mission

“We strive to create products that are optimal in quality, functionality, design, and value. It is a one-stop service for the optimum foodservice products.”

Our Story

Our Story

Our group was founded in 1991 as an exporting company by the president Jason Huang. It was later branched out in 1997 to fully establish CHRISKO PRODUCTS CO., LTD as one of the widely recognized leading manufacturing and exporter of commercial quality foodservice products in Thailand. 

We develop and export a variety of products to hotels, restaurants, cafes, retirement/nursing homes, and retail chains through importers all around the world.  

Our Promise

Through countless years of experience, product selections, and ingenuity, we deliver our reliable services to our customers with high quality products at a reasonable and affordable cost. 


Our Services


  • Initiation (Design, Drawing, Sourcing)
  • Planning (2D/3D drawing, Cost-Analysist, Tooling)
  • Execution (Production, QMP, Shipping)

One-Stop Service

  • Custom design/ Product development
  • OEM branding
  • Sourcing
  • Full QMP service
  • Experience in local industry
  • Reliable medium of communications
  • Reasonable MOQ, larger range of products in one order
  • Better trading terms
  • Full after-sale service for product issues
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